Welcome To The New HelloGhostly Website

Firstly welcome to the brand new HelloGhostly website. have a little look around and let me know if you like the new digs or not. So you're probably wondering why the change ? well I ran into many issues with the original host and I needed something that would run fine on its own while I constraint on other avenues like podcasting and live streaming. I didn't really have the time to continually pop back every day to update something or deal with security issues. I needed something simple and easy. I plan to run multiple podcasts and to do that I need time. So long story short I needed more time to work on shows rather than the website. However that doesn't mean I won't be posting here, in fact, I plan to post more. I'll have more time to discuss gaming news, reviews and even chat in the community forums. 

Hope you guys like the new website and what's to come in the future. Until then, I'll catch you next time

Ghostly Out.