Overwatch Paris Map, Feb PS Plus And Games With Gold Games - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 01.02.19

We are back at again for the fifth episode of The Hello Ghostly Games Podcast. In today's episode, we discuss Blizzard announcing a brand new assault map for Overwatch based in Paris, France, PS Plus and Games With Gold games for February, Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Shadow Heritage DLC is being patched, Sony first party studios working on pS5 games and much more.

I've also had a super interesting week that consisted of bad bbq ribs, birthday celebrations, Kingdom Hearts 3 randomly uninstalling and ruining my day and also lots of snow.

This weeks Ghost Box is What's coming? a big old list of the upcoming game release for February with a sprinkle of opinion.


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Overwatch's Solider 76 Joins Tracer as an LGBTQ hero - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 11.01.19

What's Up everyone, I wanted to start by adding a somewhat disclaimer to this episode. The following episode gets into a mature discussion in regards to depression, anxiety, and death. I talk about the recent loss of my father in law and how that's affected me over the past year and also my previous attempts of suicide.

It was rough for me to listen back to but I hope this episode helps you if you're going through similar feeling or issues. Life always gets better and there is always someone who cares, even if it feels like there isn't.

Overwatch Weekly - The Year Of The Rooster Review And D.VA Lore

Overwatch Weekly - The Year Of The Rooster Review And D.VA Lore

The Chinese new year is nearly upon us but this year we've been blessed early with the arrival of the year of the rooster event. We delve briefly into what we think of each skin and discuss the newly announced wave 2 Funko POP figures for Overwatch. The new set will feature Mei, Mcree, Lucio, Symmetra, Dva and Reinhardt. Lastly, we get into this week's Hero Spotlight which is probably my favorite hero from Overwatch and that's D.va.


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