Overwatch Year Of The Pig Event, Anthem VIP Demo - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 25.01.19

Anthem VIP demo is now available to download, Blizzard Entertainment announces the new year lunar event called The Year Of The Pig and I spent my week Hunting down Funko Pops.

That's not all though, we discuss Bungies statement on the future of Destiny, Dragon ball FighterZ free on Xbox, Fortnite getting frosty with the sneaky snowman, Halo: The Master Chief Collection dev is teasing something for SXSW, Fallout 76 not going free to play and Overkill's The Walking Dead console release delayed.

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The Division 2 Private Beta, Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 18.01.19

After last week darker tone, I felt at times for a more happy episode, so I drank two coffees before the episode. That will make it happy, won't it? no okay. But seriously we talk more video games this week and get into the release dates for the division 2 private beta, kingdom hearts 3 epilogues coming after the game launches and much more.

Overwatch's Solider 76 Joins Tracer as an LGBTQ hero - Hello Ghostly Games Podcast 11.01.19

What's Up everyone, I wanted to start by adding a somewhat disclaimer to this episode. The following episode gets into a mature discussion in regards to depression, anxiety, and death. I talk about the recent loss of my father in law and how that's affected me over the past year and also my previous attempts of suicide.

It was rough for me to listen back to but I hope this episode helps you if you're going through similar feeling or issues. Life always gets better and there is always someone who cares, even if it feels like there isn't.