Kings Canyon Radio 03: 50 Million Apex Legends Players

Welcome to another episode of Kings Canyon Radio: an Apex Legends Podcast.

Today's episode is early so that's exciting, not really i just managed to get it edited in time and kinda wanted to upload it a little early. We discuss a bunch of stuff such as Vince Zampella confirms that Apex Legends has hit 50 million legends (players) across all platforms (PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4). We also breakdown the recent patch notes for the latest update and it's a big one. Some of the highlights include changes to hitboxes, pistols possibly being adjusted in the future, legend abilities getting slight nerfs and buffs and the wingman and peacekeeper getting nerfed significantly. I briefly discuss Apex Legends leaking a year before release and no one noticed, Tiers of joy (tier list) for drop locations, Caustic being a super crazy mad scientist dude and lastly a tip on how to counter Caustic traps.