Respawn's Plan For Apex Legends At E3 2019 - Episode 11 Kings Canyon Radio - Apex Legends Podcast

Welcome Jumpmasters to a brand new episode of Kings Canyon Radio. Okay so technically it’s not entirely brand new ass it’s two weeks old. This is mainly due to my lack of enthusiasm to edit the darn thing. I really struggled to get this episode out because of amount of sass in this episode. I’m not normally so negative about a thing but I was for this particular topic. I think it’s mainly due to the clear focus of Apex Legends being a money grabbing game like every other EA title. I don’t understand why it takes so much to get just one Apex pack or why can’t I use my currency to buy anything other than re-colours of skins and new legends which aren’t exactly coming frequently.

It makes no sense to why I can buy a re colour but not the skin itself. It just frustrates me to no end that this game which I’m really enjoying is struggling for the content which is something they are causing themselves. Anyway, it today’s episode we discuss respawn entertainment plans for the next battle pass, new legend, a new weapon, map changes and much more which will be revealed at E3 2019.

Battle Pass XP Bonus Event - Episode 09 Kings Canyon Radio - Apex Legends Podcast

Battle Pass XP Bonus Event - Episode 09 Kings Canyon Radio - Apex Legends Podcast

Welcome Jump masters to episode nine of Kings Canyon Radio - An Apex Legends Podcast.

I'm not entirely happy with how this episode turned out. I started to feel low energy before i even started as i recorded an episode of The HelloGhostly Games Podcast just before this one and i wasn't feeling 100 percent. I do apologize for that and hope next week episode comes together a little easier.

Anyway, on today's show we discuss the newest patch for Apex legends called 1.1.1 which includes such changes as Caustic and Gibraltar buffed, wingman nerf'd more, Spitfire being tuned, Havoc being buffed because of the battle pass and a battle pass xp bonus event.

Other than that we also talk about some more lore in Lore Galore, tips and tricks and that's it.

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PATCH 1.1 Is A Great Patch With No Problems - Episode 07 Kings Canyon Radio - Apex Legends Podcast

Welcome Jump masters to another episode of Kings Canyon Radio. This episode is super late due to the plague returning for me. It didn’t manage to claim me this time but it did take me out for five days or so.

In today’s episode we discuss the highs and lows and i mean lows of patch 1.1, it wasn’t a great week if you’re a Respawn entertainment developer that’s for sure. We also break down some tips and tricks for Apex Legends with a side of lore and what i want for the future of Apex Legends.