Welcome To Kings Canyon Radio - An Apex Legends Podcast

Welcome squaddie's and jumpmasters alike to your brand new Apex Legends podcast. Each and every week, I’ll breakdown the recent news from respawn entertainment for their fantastical shooter called APex Legends, But that’s not all i can do. I can dance too. Okay so i can’t but the show will feature some other cool segments in the form of the tip of the week, which kinda explains itself. I’ll give you a tip each week. No, i didn’t mean that, get your head out of the gutter. Lore is a very important piece of a video game especially if you want to build a world that gamers want to bathe in. I plan to drop some sweet world build goodness too so that’s rad. Oh and lastly we have the tier list segment. Each week I’ll ask you the community to help me build a list of the best and worst parts of Apex Legends.

How does that sound? rubbish. oh okay, I’ll just go over here and edit another episode you won’t enjoy them. Anyway enough of the jokes, I’m super excited to be doing another limited run podcast and can’t wait to get stuck in. So get ready to jump. Dropship okay? good, let’s go.


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