The Apex Legendary Hunt - Episode 14 Kings Canyon Radio - Apex Lege

Welcome Jumpmasters to a brand new episode of Kings Canyon Radio - An Apex Legends Podcast. Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve struggled to pull an episode out from the dark side of the moon but not this week. Why you may ask? well, the fine people at Respawn Entertainment decided to drop a brand new event for Apex Legends called The Legendary Hunt and they weren’t playing. We’ve got a new skin for Wraith called the Night Terror and a really cool R-301 Carbine Skin called Honored Prey and that’s just for Battle Pass owners. There are now challenges that will unlock a new skin for the G7 Scout, Triple Take and one for the titular Bloodhound. Oh and there’s something called double XP for both leveling and battle passing.

Lastly, they go into details about some changes coming to season two for the battle pass. we break all that down and more on today's episode.

Battle Pass XP Bonus Event - Episode 09 Kings Canyon Radio - Apex Legends Podcast

Battle Pass XP Bonus Event - Episode 09 Kings Canyon Radio - Apex Legends Podcast

Welcome Jump masters to episode nine of Kings Canyon Radio - An Apex Legends Podcast.

I'm not entirely happy with how this episode turned out. I started to feel low energy before i even started as i recorded an episode of The HelloGhostly Games Podcast just before this one and i wasn't feeling 100 percent. I do apologize for that and hope next week episode comes together a little easier.

Anyway, on today's show we discuss the newest patch for Apex legends called 1.1.1 which includes such changes as Caustic and Gibraltar buffed, wingman nerf'd more, Spitfire being tuned, Havoc being buffed because of the battle pass and a battle pass xp bonus event.

Other than that we also talk about some more lore in Lore Galore, tips and tricks and that's it.

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Octane Jumping Into The Battle Pass - Episode 05 Kings Canyon Radio

Octane Jumping Into The Battle Pass - Episode 05 Kings Canyon Radio

Welcome Jump masters to another episode of Kings Canyon Radio- An Apex Legends Podcast. In today's episode we discuss the newly released season one battle pass(which isn't great), Octane jumping into action in the Apex Games, my favorite weapon combinations and the best tips and tricks on how to master Octane to get a leg up on the competition.

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Kings Canyon Radio 03: 50 Million Apex Legends Players

Welcome to another episode of Kings Canyon Radio: an Apex Legends Podcast.

Today's episode is early so that's exciting, not really i just managed to get it edited in time and kinda wanted to upload it a little early. We discuss a bunch of stuff such as Vince Zampella confirms that Apex Legends has hit 50 million legends (players) across all platforms (PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4). We also breakdown the recent patch notes for the latest update and it's a big one. Some of the highlights include changes to hitboxes, pistols possibly being adjusted in the future, legend abilities getting slight nerfs and buffs and the wingman and peacekeeper getting nerfed significantly. I briefly discuss Apex Legends leaking a year before release and no one noticed, Tiers of joy (tier list) for drop locations, Caustic being a super crazy mad scientist dude and lastly a tip on how to counter Caustic traps.