That's Me up there, well an artist rendention of me but that's what i look like minus the D.VA outfit. Sadly i don't own one of those if i did though that would be pretty sweet. Anyway Nice to meet you, I'm Ryan but my friends call me Ghostly. I'm a 20 something dude that enjoys to talk ALOT in numerous silly voices. I like video games too so that's cool. I took my love of everything gaming and my insane voiceover skiills (mainly my stitch impression) and decided to do the only thing that made sense. Become a chef, What ? podcasting would of been a better choice. Okay i'll do that then. On a more serious note though Gaming has been something that's not only a hobby but something that's helped me through some of my toughest boss fights.(darkest times) It's been my cheat codes while dealing with losing eyesight, constant trips to doctors and countless operations. That's where the passion began, it was a coping method that turned into a passion that i want to make into a future of.

I want HelloGhostly to become a community of positive gamers where platforms doesn't matter and there's olny the games, friends and fun.